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At Happycoin we following 5 STAR review Policy. What do you mean by that?

It mean; Either it should be 5 star review or a complaint to Vaasu Challa on me. Because as we working hard to make you happy I feel we deserve Five Star.


In case of if you don't want to give 5 star and write some improvements about us.  please email to . It help us to improve our services.   

Video Review / Google Review / Facebook Review

Please find the points which are helpful for giving a review. Anyhow, you don't need to follow exactly the same points, but you can consider these points before you Write or shoot a video.

1. Introduction: A little bit about yourself (Name, Job).

2. About Faced Situations: Explanation of the problems that you have faced , What solution made on you think seriously on Money Management.


3. Why you have chosen Fee-based Services when there are so many free Advisors available?.


4. How Happycoin helped you?: You can explain about How Team attended your calls, Explanation of Money Management queries, Giving CLARITY on every aspect of life, Monthly Review calls...etc.


5. Are You happy after taking our services? What changes you felt in your life after our suggestions. 


6. How strongly you recommend happycoin for the new people. 


7. Any other points if you wish to add.  



That's it; Thanks in advance for giving a positive review. 

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