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C - Customers

O - Organization

 I  - Investors

N - Nation

Many People Becoming Poor or Staying In Middle class due to lack of Financial Literacy and Many getting cheated by  illegal money circulating schemes, Pyramid scams, By Fraud companies...etc. We at Happycoin trying to create financial literacy, Education/Awareness through different platforms online and offline and help people to take right decisions on their money. 

At Happy COIN...We want see

                        Happy Customers

                        Happy Organization (Our Employees)

                        Happy Investors (People Who arranged Business Capital)

                        Happy Nation (Happy Country)

Our Mission is to Turn Lakh Middle Class Families to RICH by providing right financial education.

Our Teams to Serve you:

                          Customer Care Team.

                          SME (Subject Matter Experts - CFP) Team.

                          Technology Team.

                          Awareness Team.

Our Values: 

                          Create Happiness 

                          Be the Brand

                          Become Leader

                          Work Smart

                          Play as A Team

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