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Points which I learned in last six months and Action Taken

6 Months have been completed with Happycoin. Points which I found out during this 6 months.

1. Few People Born to Get Cheated - Few days back, I met one senior-most financial advisor. I asked him one question. "Why People Reject us/our service when we are trying to help them?". His answer is simple, few people born to get cheated. They won't listen and understand good things. They need quick money. They fall in scams/traps and loose money. There is no wrong with them, It's their fate. I think its right.

2. Commonsense is a GIFT which very fewer people have - If a politician buys votes, He doesn't work without doing corruption. If financial advisor giving free service means, He doesn't work without any commission.

But very fewer people understand this. There is no FREE lunch in the world. If someone giving free service means, They are expecting/getting something from them. It's like hanging a meal to hook to catch a fish. Here fish is the people who don't understand this.

3. People are not Matured - When I started financial planning for the middle class expected a good number of people. But later I understood, Most of the people in middle-class don't look for long term. They can't see the big picture of their life. They need everything in short-term, which cause them to choose the wrong products. Most of the people not ready to come out of the box and think even though they know what they are doing is wrong.

After knowing all these - I found It’s difficulty to reach my goal "Turning 1 Lakh Middle-Class People to RICH". But as usual I never give up :)

Bought a company where people can compare and buy the best product for cheap price. Example if you want to buy insurance, this company tells you which insurance company can give you the low premium. If you want to take a loan, this company tells you which bank provides you low-interest rate. All these services are FREE.

Then what is the difference between and

At happycoin(Paid Service) I manage your money and will take care of your finances 360 degrees including insurance, Investments, Tax, Retirment...etc But at vestinmoney(Free Service) you manage your money we will suggest you the best product according to your need.

Please let me know your comments.


Vaasu Challa

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